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Jack’s back. It didn’t seem right that Jack Nicholson‘s last movie role was a bit part in James L. BrooksHow Do You Know, a film so lackluster in forgot to add punctuation to its title. His retirement never quite felt like a finality, and lo and behold, he’s coming back to remake one of the biggest surprise foreign hits of the last few years.


Nicholson is set to star in the remake of Maren Ade‘s Toni Erdmann. The film recently acquired an Oscar nod for best foreign language film, and follows a practical joking father who attempts to reconnect with his hard-working daughter by creating an outrageous alter ego and posing as her CEO’s life coach. This might be the most Nicholson role ever; plenty of opportunities to act literally insane with no consequences.


Starring alongside Nicholson will be Kristen Wiig, an exceptionally strong comedic presence herself, which should mean the remake will keep its absurdity at relatively high levels.


Whether the adaptation will work is a question Ade had questioned herself a few months ago when she claimed she wasn’t very interested in remaking the film for American audiences.


She stated: “I’m in such a luxury position in Europe and I’m lucky to be my own producer. I have so many freedoms that I think it would be really complicated to give them up – and for what reason?”, while adding that a remake would probably cut an hour from the films notorious 162 minute run time.


Either her tune has changed or she’s inspired by the casting, because Ade will executive produce the film along with Adam McKay and Will Ferrell.


Nicholson reportedly loved the original film so much that he himself pushed for the remake, and Paramount quickly acquired the rights. Whether the adaptation will capture the quirky, wildly absurd humour of the original is what time will tell, but with Nicholson on board, it’s safe to say anything is possible.




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