David Fincher’s ‘Strangers On A Train’ Remake Delayed | Film News


In a current cinema market filled with remakes, reboots and recycles of previous ideas, comes a very interesting idea. In January, David Fincher announced he would be teaming up with Warner Bros., Gone Girl screenwriter/author Gillian Flynn and lead actor Ben Affleck to take on Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller, Strangers on a Train.


The movie would take place in present time, and revolve around an actor in the midst of an Oscar campaign, putting a twist on the original story and bringing it into the modern age. When Vulture caught up with Gillian Flynn at the Chateaux Marmont yesterday, she stated “We’re all so overcommitted right now that we’ll see on that one”. We assume she is talking about HBO series Utopia, and upcoming mob widows film Widows, collaborating with director Steve McQueen.


Ben Affleck is also keeping himself busy with the follow up to directorial debut Argo named Live by Night, and of course Justice League: Part One following this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. What does this mean for Strangers on a Train? That we probably won’t see it going into production until 2017. At the very least – not any time soon!



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