David Harbour’s ‘Hellboy’ Trailer Is Officially Here | Film Trailer


The new Hellboy trailer has officially been released, and fans aren’t exactly ecstatic with the new red monster hero.


On Tuesday, we were informed that the film would be a darker, serious version of the Hellboy we’ve previously met (played by Ron Perlman), however, it is evident from the trailer that they have ditched that idea.


Instead, the trailer offers a very similar feeling to the original film, filled with cheap laughs and bad CGI.


Many comments under the trailer reveal that people wished they’d left the original alone, since it was only released 14 years ago. Reboots should have at least an over 20 year mark, and even then they can feel too soon.


Tweets from fans don’t seem promising for director Neil Marshall either, with the majority posting gifs of disappointment in response.




Besides the actual trailer footage not living up to expectations, people on twitter are also after Hellboy’s new face, insisting that it is “irritating” or likening it to a halloween mask.



Check out the trailer below to see if you think David Harbour’s Hellboy has anything on the original Ron Perlman’s.




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