A New Banksy Painting Has Been Confirmed In Wales | Culture


The two-sided painting by Banksy was confirmed today as he uploaded a picture of the work to his website.


The painting itself has a double meaning, with one side of the wall appearing to be an innocent drawing of a child enjoying the winter snow, however turning the corner, we see that the image has a far more sinister undertone.


The chimney or dustbin (undetermined) seems to be spouting fire and ash, which doubles as the snow that the child is trying to catch with his tongue.


In a world of uncertainty, it sends a message about whether the things we enjoy, are actually at all enjoyable when looked at with a different perspective.


For instance, the clothes we wear and the food we eat are produced in ways that may affect our futures, yet we continue to feed into the system, not knowing when or where some of our luxuries may come from.


Human nature’s rule of “what we don’t know wont kill us”, may come back to haunt us in the future, and Banksy reiterates this with his image, showing not only the destruction of nature and the dangers of global warming, but also the dangers of everyday abuse of luxury items or food intake.


With Christmas around the corner, the anonymous artist makes a statement about our greed at a time of celebration, and how we take for granted the true meaning of Christmas, which is to spend time with family and friends.


What do you think Banksy’s new painting means?



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