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While the DCEU has mostly struggled to find its footing, the lone bright spot of the extended universe are its major female characters, as Wonder Woman was deemed by most to be arguably the only successful DCEU movie yet, and while Suicide Squad was met with negative reviews, Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn was seen as an immense success.


So it’s no surprise to hear that DC has a lot of plans for Quinn, including a Suicide Squad sequel, a potential solo outing and the upcoming all-female adaptation of the Birds Of Prey comics. The latter now has a director on board, newcomer Cathy Yan.


Reportedly, Robbie – who is also producing – fought hard for a female director and Yan, who only has one feature film (Dead Pigs) and a number of shorts to her name, blew producers away with her presentation and secured the job. It makes her the second female director in the DCEU after Patty Jenkins.


As for the film itself, there aren’t many details to add. The all-female team will include Quinn, Oracle/Barbara Gordon, Black Canary and Huntress. It’s unknown who will star alongside Robbie, but we do know that the writer of the film, Christina Hodson, will also be writing the upcoming Batgirl movie.


Robbie’s Harley Quinn will next be seen in the Suicide Squad sequel, which should begin filming soon, but considering the poor reaction to the first film, fans are probably more excited to see Quinn in the other projects she’s connected to. Birds Of Prey sounds much more interesting, and hopefully Yan’s fresh voice can bring something great to the DCEU.



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