Ian Somerhalder Gets Casted In The Next Vampire Series | TV News


There is a saying that you should stick with what you know works for you. It seems that Ian Somerhalder takes it to heart and sticks with what he knows works for him and his fans: vampires. Vampire Diaries ended last year after being on air for eight seasons but instead of taking a break from the supernatural he was just announced for another vampire-focused TV series, V-Wars.


The show is based on the book by Jonathan Maberry with the same name. While he played the vampire himself in Vampire Diaries he now takes on the role of a human, Dr. Luther Swann. He enters the world of supernatural when a strange disease transforms his best friend into a blood-sucking monster.


The show will air on Netflix with 10 episodes being ordered by the streaming device. A release date and other cast members are yet to be announced.



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