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Jaden Smith what a strange creature he is. He’ll probably be remembered for a lot of things – for his bizarre statements, building a pyramid in his parent’s backyard and his book of “mystical” essays – but I don’t think he’ll go down in history as most revered film critic. Roger Ebert holds that position – so don’t go there, Smith.


In a seemingly random tweet, probably in response to the newly released SAG nominations, Smith cited what he believes to be the best film of all time – and no it’s not Citizen Kane or Vertigo. It’s (drumroll) the Blake Lively melodrama Age of Adaline.  “The Age of Adaline might be the best movie I’ve ever seen,” Smith wrote, before adding (and surprising us further) “Excluding Twilight”.



First off, kudos to him for standing up for what he loves. It’s kind of a ballsy move, citing Twilight as one of your favourite films – considering how eager people are to tare those films apart. It also makes one wonder, what films has he seen? He didn’t elaborate any further on why he feels so strongly for Adalinea film that only received mildly positive reviews.


The tweet did however garner some enthusiastic and passionate responses. Podcaster and comedian Demi Adejuyigbe urged Smith to start a podcast; “please start a podcast where you talk about movies. i will pay for it all”. It is an interesting idea – I will not deny it. But not everyone was on board for that, “You have shit taste my man” another twitter user wrote.  Well we all have our preferences, and Smith’s seems to be of the romantic persuasion.



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