Did The Avalanches Share New Material Via A Phone Number? | Music News

The Avalanches


The Avalanches are a cryptic bunch currently shrouded in rumours and anticipation.


A few days back, there was a furor over a potential cut of new audio from the electronic Australian band, and now there is talk of a telephone number you can ring to hear a clip of a looped Avalanches song. To make it easier, said clip has been posted online, but the number is +44 800 098 8938 (UK) if you want to hear it how the band intended. The song does indeed sound like the kind the band would produce, and it comes from a poster advertising the band’s upcoming documentary, Since They Left Us.


It’s been sixteen years since the band’s last and only release thus far; however, they are confirmed to play live this year…yet there is no news of a second album. What’s going on? Only time will tell!


Watch the new teaser trailer for The Avalanches’ film below (which ends, humourously, with “Coming Soon. Hopefully”):




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