Dido – Give You Up | Music Video


Dido just released her brand new music video for her single “Give You Up“, and it is visually impressive. Shots are taken in London and Paris, two beautiful, intimate cities fuelled by love and passion, and her song, “Give You Up”, fits in perfectly.


Letting go from a difficult relationship can be difficult, and Dido’s saddened state is magnified in both cities that are full of life and light. Instead she is drenched in darkness while she battles to break free, and the last 25 seconds end with Dido standing in light as she escapes, free to roam the cities once more.


While most of the shots are inside, some are reflections of tall, dimly lit buildings. Dido rides in a car and flashes of light sweep over her, reminding one of police sirens and firetrucks. It’s as if there is a metaphorical fire that has destroyed the building she is in, and has almost consumed her, but instead she escapes – she has found a way to protect herself.


You can check out the video for Dido’s single here:




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