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Palehound is an American band, and they’ve just released their new single, “Killer“. The lead singer Ellen Kempner also plays the guitar, with Jesse Weiss on drums and Larz Brogan playing bass. The track features a mellow sort of pool side vibe, rockified.


If you like an alternative rock style, this song is for you. The lyrics are deep, and the guitar sounds are reminiscent of Nirvana. The vocals are something very different to Kurt Cobain’s though!


Reminding me of “Lithium” and “Heart Shaped Box“, I’m getting serious early 90’s rock vibes from this tune.


With minor keys infused with majors in the chorus, the blend of the two sounds creates an eerie effect on the verses. It’s also ever so slightly countrified at the beginning, creating a true mixture of genres, happy and melancholic.


They’ve previously released two albums, including A Place I’ll Always Go (2017) and Dry Food (2015). Perhaps with the release of “Killer”, there will be an upcoming album in 2019.


Listen to the track below or purchase it here on iTunes.




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