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Remember 2015’s Cop Car? If not, you’re not alone. It was a well-reviewed thriller, but the budget still came under the $1 million mark – only a fraction of what Spider-Man: Homecoming spends on a single day of shooting. So, what do these films have in common? Jon Watts. The indie director only has two low-budget film credits to his name, but managed to impress the studios with his vision for Spider-Man.


However, being the third director to oversee a Spider-Man film is no easy feat, especially in the huge shadow of achievement cast by Sam Raimi, who directed the first trilogy, and Marc Webb, who rebooted the Spider-Man franchise with the Amazing Spider-Man movies.


In an interview with Variety, Watts discusses the perks and burdens of making the leap from low-budget movies to…well, Spider-Man!


It was a very long process,” Watts shared, when asked how it all began. “It started as a general meeting and in the meeting they started talking about Spider-Man and the idea of it being a younger-centered Spider-Man movie.


I had been watching a bunch of those movies, so I just happened to be really, really prepared to talk about high school coming-of-age movies. I just kept coming back to meeting after meeting, and every time I came back there’d be more people in the room”.


When asked about moving from smaller-scale movies to a mammoth blockbuster, Watts compared himself to the movie’s protagonist: “Peter Parker, especially in this movie, is a kid who has been picked by Tony Stark to be a part of this massive adventure in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and is really trying to prove himself. He’s never done anything this big before and really doesn’t want to screw up or let anybody down”.


If the recent second trailer is anything to go by, I don’t think Watts has much to worry about! Check it out below:



Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit theatres on July 7.



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