Toronto Artist Sebastian Gaskin Shares New Single ‘Ghost’

Toronto-based artist Sebastian Gaskin hits the music scene again with their latest single, “Ghost.” Released via Universal Music Canada and Ishkōdé Records, this track follows their 2023 hit “Medicine.”

“Ghost” delves into raw emotions, with Gaskin pouring their heart into the lyrics, expressing loneliness and heartbreak. Co-produced by Gaskin, Hill Kourkoutis, and Justin Meli, the song is a powerful self-expression.

In Gaskin’s own words, “Ghost” is about “grief, especially after the loss of someone very near and dear. The track explores the complexities of anger and confusion that often accompany grief.

Reflecting on the lyrics, Gaskin sings, “Now I’m alone, I’m so lost without you in my home.” This poignant line captures the essence of longing and emptiness portrayed in the song.

Listeners can expect an expansive, cinematic experience with “Ghost.” Gaskin’s vocal prowess shines through, accompanied by their guitar skills and co-programmed arrangements.

Following the success of “Medicine,” which topped Indigenous music charts and enjoyed significant airplay on CBC Music, “Ghost” continues Gaskin’s journey of musical exploration.

Gaskin’s upbringing in the Tataskweyak Cree Nation influences their genre-fluid style, drawing from diverse musical influences. Their music is a fusion of intuition, vulnerability, and artistic expression.

Stay tuned for more upcoming live performances from Gaskin, who has previously wowed audiences at venues like the Drake Underground and the Royal Ontario Museum.

As Gaskin continues to evolve as an artist, their forthcoming debut album promises to deliver more captivating music. Fans can sign up to their mailing list for updates on future releases.

Amid a crowded music landscape, Sebastian Gaskin’s “Ghost” stands out as a heartfelt exploration of grief and resilience. With its soulful melodies and evocative lyrics, this track is sure to resonate with audiences seeking authentic storytelling in music.

Listen to “Ghost” below!


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