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Disney yesterday released a teaser on Twitter for the upcoming Mary Poppins sequel, aptly named, Mary Poppins Returns. The short clip reveals lead Emily Blunt as everyone’s favourite nanny, dressed in a classic blue ensemble, shaded by her infamous parrot-headed umbrella.



Emily Blunt looks great, of course, yet I’m nervous. Blunt is full of talent, an English rose, but Julie Andrews is unreachable. Blunt does acknowledge this and notes, “no one is ever going to out-Julie Julie Andrews. She’s just unbelievable.” She added that her portrayal is a little more “acerbic and odd and vain” like the character in the books, which promises a refreshing take and not just an impression. I wait in anticipation.


Undoubtedly, some Disney fans are certainly headed towards the #NotMyPoppins approach, but should rest assured the project is in good hands. Saving Mr Banks (2013), a film centered on the development of the 1964 film, starring Emma Thompson as author P. L. Travers and Tom Hanks as filmmaker Walt Disney, certainly didn’t ruin the magic of the Poppins universe.


Ultimately, this is all exciting; how could one not be jumping over a film with Meryl Streep in its cast? It will be her third film with Blunt, with whom she last worked with in another Disney Musical, Into the Woods (2014). Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda plays the charming sidekick.


Mary Poppins Returns won’t be released until Christmas 2018, so we can expect more exciting bits and bobs until then.



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