Jodie Whittaker Is The First Female Doctor Who | TV News


Whovians, and non-Whovians alike, are in a kerfuffle over the latest news: the 13th Doctor has breasts. Jodie Whittaker, real life woman, has been revealed as the next actor (actress) to take on the prestigious role of Time Lord in BBC cult series Doctor Who.


Doctor Who has seen 12 men take on the iconic role since its conception in 1964, with each actor bringing something new to the table. Jodie Whittaker will certainly have something unseen to offer. It is Peter Capaldi who passes her the baton, having enjoyed the role since 2013. Head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat departs by his side after seven years on the show.


Whittaker is perhaps best known for her work on another BBC drama, Broadchurch for which her acting has frequently been commended. Speaking of her new role, Whittaker said it is “overwhelming, as a feminist” to play the Doctor, so will likely put her all into performing a likeable portrayal.


The revelation of the new Doctor arrived by trailer, shown after the Wimbledon men’s singles final.



Is it innovative? Kind of. Is it going to end sexism? No. But it’s something, and whatever that something is, it’s a step forward in the television universe. In all honesty, we knew a change was coming, and the 13th Doctor was always going to be different. Now we just have confirmation and a face.


Jodie Whittaker will make her debut as the Doctor in Capaldi’s regeneration during the Christmas special.



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