‘Dissociating At A Tiki Bar In A Landlocked State’ Is The New Single From Melanie MacLaren

Indie-folk artist Melanie MacLaren is currently on tour in UK and Ireland, and she has just released a new single titled “Dissociating At A Tiki Bar In A Landlocked State”, which falls under the genre of indie folk with a taste of moody, experimental melodies inside.

With her most recent albums, Melanie MacLaren has demonstrated a talent for lyricism that is simultaneously ageless and stream-of-conscious — She has perfected this equilibrium as an artist by dissociating in a Tiki Bar in a landlocked state.

A seemingly simple, observational, and traditional folk ballad that begins as distorted banjo, bouzouki, and percussion builds to an unexpected and absurdist moment of catharsis halfway through the song and transforms into a dissociative daydream.

She largely relies on the use of ambient synths to evoke a sensation of unease and portray an otherwise inexpressible yearning for something beyond the ordinary, even yet the song’s words once again become timeless and thoughtful near its conclusion.

Everything you might want in a folk singer is found in Melanie MacLaren, who possesses a natural talent for subtle delivery, mournful guitar playing, and the ability to write about life as if life were simply writing itself.

As a New York native who relocated to Nashville, MacLaren’s music is less grounded in a specific time and place than it is suspended, stuck between two different realities—dreamlike and hyper-realistic, classic and modern.

Her vivid imagery in the lyrics, evocative melodies, and expert fingerstyle guitar work combine with ethereal, contemporary production and distorted traditional instruments to create a melancholy sound that ties together past and present folk music.

Her debut EP Kill My Time was released on February 11, and she is in the process of releasing another solo project and a project of folk duets for 2022.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Dissociating At A Tiki Bar In A Landlocked State” below!


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