‘Doctor Who’ Series 9, Episode 11 – A Capaldi Masterclass | TV Review



The Doctor will see you now. Show me what you’ve got.


Doctor Who has a core set of fans that love the mythology surrounding it, often making it difficult for the first time viewer to penetrate. However anybody who appreciates good TV and superb acting will enjoy this penultimate episode; Heaven Sent.


I am a keen Doctor Who fan who has been watching it religiously since its re-generation in 2005. Like every long running series it has its peaks and troughs. The show hit a bit of trough since the peak of the 50th Anniversay special, Matt’s Smith’s last series muddled along and Capaldi’s first series struggled to find its feet. However this series has bought Doctor Who back into another resounding peak.


The series strengths have been having a number of two part stories, not having the series long arc shoved down our throats and not being all about the companion’s love life or mysterious link to the doctor. This series has been about the Doctor and his companion going on adventures and helping people out of seemingly impossible situations.


Clara said, ‘Don’t take revenge’. You should know I don’t always listen.


Last week’s stand alone episode left an emotional punch and it is followed by a brave episode that pretty much just features Capaldi. This is an acting masterclass, he conveys a damaged Doctor with real moments of fear. The show is about a man with a box that can travel anywhere in time or space but this superb episode has just the Doctor talking to himself as he tries to understand and escape from a mysterious castle. The episode continues to bring in horror elements that have featured throughout this series.


I always imagine that I’m back in my TARDIS, showing off.


Showrunner Steven Moffatt is on writing duties and rehashses an idea seen in Sherlock, the mind palace, to great effect. The Doctor imagines himself inside the TARDIS as he tries to think his way out of a situations with glimpses of his deceased best friend to help.


I’m not scared of Hell. It’s just Heaven for bad people.


Heaven Sent is expectionally brave and gripping TV that has pulled off something spectacular and original for the penultimate episode. The set-up for the finale leaves the Doctor finding the place he has been looking for since the 5oth anniversary episode. I am not sure how the finale will top this episode but I cannot wait to watch it.



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