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Rumours are currently circulating that the ninth season of BBC’s Doctor Who will be Jenna Coleman’s last. Though show runner Steven Moffat has been known to manipulate fan expectation throughout his run on the show; this time it looks like the Doctor may really lose his Impossible Girl, as Coleman signs to play the young Queen Victoria in upcoming ITV historical drama, Victoria. Jenna Coleman entered the long running British series as Clara Oswald, an ongoing mystery for the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. Briefly crossing paths throughout time, wittily bouncing off one another, the duo always sparked with chemistry. With the advent of Clara’s true nature, and the arrival of Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor, the relationship dynamics behind the characters shifted, and for once the audience was faced with a companion as capable as a Time Lord.


Victoria is set to follow the young monarch’s life from teenage shenanigans to her ascension to the throne. The production will be made by Mammoth Screen – the company behind the recent BBC Poldark adaptation. The first ninety minute episode will be directed by Tom Vaughan (Starter for 10), whilst the eight part series will be written and exec-produced by novelist Daisy Goodwin (My Last Duchess, The American Heiress). Queen Victoria was, until last month, England’s longest reigning sovereign, when she was overtaken by Queen Elizabeth II. Filming begins for Victoria this October. Doctor Who season 9 will premier on BBC One this Sunday with The Magician’s Apprentice.



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