Dominic Mitchell Returns To TV With Slenderman-Inspired ‘Creatures’ | TV News



Playing the game gave me nightmares, but it seems the concept of Slenderman has gained traction in the TV world, with In The Flesh creator Dominic Mitchell returning to TV to bring a Slenderman inspired horror story to our screens, the series to debut next year.


Mitchell is teaming up with US cable channel TNT for the show, the premise of the show based around the real story of two 12-year-olds locked away after trying to cut out a classmate’s heart in sacrifice to the evil spirit Mr. Gorgi. The vengeful spirit returns to the girls’ lives just after they are released from a psychiatric facility, the series under the temporary name Creatures.


The series is paired with TNT’s Time of Death and M. Night Shyamalan’s revival of Tales from the Crypt.



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