Donald Glover Exits Planned Animated ‘Deadpool’ Series | TV News


While excitement builds for the cinematic Deadpool 2, the animated TV version of the chimichonga-loving antihero has just gotten some bad news. Almost a year after being initially announced, the planned animated series of Deadpool, which was to be written, produced and run by Donald and Stephen Glover, looks to be dead for the moment.


Why? THR is reporting that both Glover brothers and American network FX have left the project citing creative differences. Having the creative team leave is one thing, but a network cutting ties with the project is another. It is unknown whether the series is totally dead or potentially being set up somewhere else.


The report linked above speculated that the impending Disney-Fox merger might have something to do with this development, with Disney’s CEO Bob Iger recently announcing that the upcoming Disney streaming service will feature an original Marvel series (along with the full slate of Marvel movies). This Deadpool series could be the Marvel show he was talking about.


Still, it’s a huge blow to have a series with the potential for huge irreverent fun have such a setback like this, and it’s a shame that a great talent like Glover will no longer be involved. His talent keeps shining, with the second season of Atlanta thus far being a huge success, and he’s also about to appear as Lando in Solo: A Star Wars Story.


Considering the popularity of Deadpool, it seems unlikely that these developments mean the show is totally dead. It will likely exist in some capacity in the future, probably on Disney’s Netflix competitor. We’ll just have to wait and see who replaces the Glover brothers, and whether they can bring the same creative wit to the show that they likely would have.



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