Don’t Trust Your Eyes In ‘The Innocents’ | TV Trailer


‘Coming of Age’ is complicated, young love is complicated. It seems that this isn’t complicated enough for Netflix if you watch the first full-length trailer for their upcoming TV series The Innocents. They had to throw in the supernatural aspect but you can’t be really mad about it. At least it seems cool.


The eight-episode series centers on the teenagers June and Harry who decide to run away together. It all takes a turn when the secrets that have been kept from them by their parents begin to test their love. The gift that June possesses just makes this even harder as they are thrown into a new and dangerous world.


The main characters are portrayed by Percelle Ascott and Sorcha Groundsell. Also part of the cast is Guy Pearce. The British TV series is produced by Hania Elkington and Simon Duric and will premiere on August 24.



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