‘Dredd’ To Return In Seven-Part Mini Series | TV News


After the release of the 2012 Dredd movie, wider audiences didn’t go wild over Karl Urban’s take on Judge Dredd, but did gain a cult following of loyal fans that were desperate for more. Although encouragement from Urban and other cast members got their hopes up for a sequel, nothing yet has come about. However, fan’s prayers have been heard as announcement of a new seven-part mini series has hit the internet.


Producer Adi Shankar is ready to sink his teeth into more Dredd action, despite no confirmation from original cast members as to whether they’ll join. According to The Wrap , Shankar has been working on this project for the last two years, in total secret but now the cat’s out of the bag so fans can go nuts. Can’t quite wait for the new series? Take another look at the trailer for Pete Travis’ Dredd to whet your appetite.




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