Dustin Hoffman To Star In ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star’s Directorial Debut | Film News


Dustin Hoffman will star in the directorial debut of a major Big Bang Theory cast member. Mayim Bialik, who played Amy on the show, will helm a comedy-drama titled As Sick As They Made Us. She also wrote the script. She holds a PhD in neuroscience and has published four books, so it will be interesting to see how that translates to screenwriting.


Hoffman joins a cast that already includes Candice Bergen, Olivia Thirlby, and Bialik’s Big Bang Theory co-star, Simon Helberg. The film reportedly revolves around a divorced mother of two who finds new love, despite her wildly dysfunctional family’s overbearing presence in her life. She then must persuade them to remain sane long enough for a final goodbye.


It’s assumed that Hoffman will be the patriarch of the family, a role he’s played to perfection many times. See Kramer vs. Kramer or The Meyerowitz Stories for just two examples, decades apart.


The film is currently being shopped by Clay Epstein‘s Film Mode Entertainment, who said of the project:


“We can’t wait to see this stellar cast bring such lovable and interesting characters to life. It’s evident that these amazing actors share our love of the materials and we are thrilled to see Mayim’s vision become a reality”.


Since the film is merely being shopped, there’s no guarantee it’s moving ahead yet. But considering Bialik’s Big Bang Theory clout and Hoffman’s presence, there’s probably a good chance that someone will pony up the cash.



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