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Edgar Wright‘s Baby Driver follow up – a psychological thriller titled Last Night In Soho – is/was scheduled to hit cinemas late this year, and Wright is/was in post-production on the project.


However, these dark times may have given him some inspiration for some strange escapism, as, per THR, the director is developing a movie about a robot dentist who’s inspired to write a screenplay.


Huh? Well first of all, this isn’t solely Wright’s idea. The film will be an adaptation of Simon Stephenson‘s upcoming novel Set My Heart To Five.


The book is set in an “all too human” 2054 and follows an android named Jared who works as a dentist. He undergoes an emotional awakening after being introduced to 80s and 90s movies, and embarks on a quest to convince humans that androids should be permitted to feel.


His journey takes him on an adventure across the American west coast, as Jared becomes determined to meet the programmer who created him and write a film script that will change the world.


That’s a lot, and in the hands of many other directors, it would sound like a disaster. But this is Edgar Wright, the man who has consistently mixed genres in unique ways, adapted the Scott Pilgrim comics into a cult film, and somehow made a half-musical about a laconic, earphone-wearing getaway driver into a blockbuster hit. If anyone can pull off a film with all these odd moving parts, it’s him.


Stephenson himself will adapt his own novel into a screenplay, and Working Title films (who Wright has worked with many times before) is backing the project, with Focus Features distributing.


We’ll have to wait and see if this is indeed Wright’s post-Last Night In Soho project, as he’s also developing a Baby Driver sequel and is attached to an adaptation of the YA monster story Grasshopper Jungle.


We’ll see what project he goes with next, though it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to see anything other than a robot dentist screenwriter movie.



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