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Following the release of her debut album Future, singer Eliza Shaddad is back with a new song titled “Girls”. The song was anticipated by the producer Mr BJ Jackson, who stated on social media about the new track: “We spent a few weeks this Summer recording in a remote bungalow in Cornwall and this is the first song to be released from that session and I think it sounds good”.


While Shaddad’s first album was mainly about love and romantic relationships, this new single is about friendship and anticipates a change of topic in her new upcoming album. In particular, the single is inspired by the singer’s relationship with one of her oldest friends and shows their strong connection. The song reflects the difficulties of growing up and the strength that Shaddad admires in her best friend.


This pop song has strong rock vibes and is characterized by a throbbing rhythm and by Shaddad’s sweet but powerful voice. Regarding the track, Shaddad said “it lays bare how scary it was, standing on the sidelines, growing older, watching someone deal with some insanely hard human experiences, unable to find a way to connect with them about it.”


She then added: “I guess it would be sort of a call to people to reach out to each other. ‘Girls’ is literally about not being able to communicate – but trying to – and that’s what the rest of the EP is about.”


Eliza Shaddad’s new EP is set to be released next year, while we will be able to appreciate the new single at her free headline show on 6 November at London’s Pop Brixton. In the mean time, listen to “Girls” below:




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