Moonray – No Stranger To Love | New Music

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Moonray – No Stranger To Love | New Music


Moonray, an indie-pop duo from Austin. Texas, have unveiled their brand-new single called “No Stranger To Love”. The electrifying, upbeat track previews their upcoming self-recorded album, Digital Moon.


Apart from creating songs together, band members Barbara and Jonray Higginbotham are also a real-life couple. Their joint musical project took shape 1.5 years after the two started dating. “The name ‘Moonray’ came about while on a camping trip”, the band remember.


We looked up and noticed how the moon carried the light and reflected down on us on the pathway we were on. Since then, our mission became to try to create songs that will bring a sense of joy and nostalgia while pulling out of the dark into light. Out of fear as you step into the night”.


Inspired by such legends as Prince, Madonna and Jimi Hendrix, Moonray love experimenting with sounds and blend in their music rich infectious synths and 1970s nostalgia. Now, their project is gaining momentum with a new single and LP coming up.


Digital Moon, which took three years to record, displays the evolution of Moonray’s sound. Full of relatable and addictive indie-pop anthems, the album reflects the couple’s positive approach to life. “The songs are each little moonbeams in a digital format that we hope to share the light with others”, the duo said.


Listen to “No Stranger To Love” here:




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