Elizabeth Banks & David Wain Reuniting For Musical ‘Where The Fore Are We?’ At Amazon

Wet Hot American Summer duo Elizabeth Banks and David Wain are reuniting for a movie musical at Amazon. The film is titled Where The Fore Are We?, and Wain will direct with Banks and Max Handelman producing via their Brownstone Productions banner.

After a crash landing leaves the passengers and crew of a commercial flight stranded for three months, the film follows members of this makeshift community who begin to put together a production of a Shakespearean play to keep themselves occupied, despite their captain trying to focus them on getting rescued.

Wain has written the script alongside Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna, who host Off Book, a podcast which totally improvises a new musical every week.

In addition to Wet Hot American Summer, Wain has also directed films such as Role Models, Wanderlust, and last year’s pandemic action comedy series, Medical Police, so there’s plenty of comedy experience here.

This sounds like great fun. A funny, offbeat musical like this should be a great antidote to all the more serious musical films and musical biopics being developed in recent years. And if you’ve ever heard Off Book, you’ll know that Reino and McKenna are extremely talented and hilarious, and it will be fascinating to see what they can do with a feature film.

Banks and Handelman’s Brownstone Productions currently have a host of other projects in development, including horror film The Invisible Woman, true story drama Cocaine Bear, and an adaptation of Anna Wiener‘s Silicon Valley memoir Uncanny Valley. But none of them can boast being a musical about the aftermath of a plane crash.

There’s currently no details on when Where The Fore Are We? will arrive, nor whether Banks, Reino and McKenna will also appear on screen.


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