The Oldest Fashion Brands Still Popular in the USA

Rare oldest American fashion brands need no naming. We all know them, love them, and wear them. These are some of the most successful American brands’ stories.

Americans love success stories. Especially the stories that have survived years of hardships, overcoming obstacles, and tough periods in history. The older, the better. It is easy to see why such companies deserve their customers’ full devotion and affection.

What has been tested for years has earned their right to be on the market. Plenty of American brands have gained international fame and can brag about their unbelievably long (and successful) history. We have come up with only a few most famous brands with fascinating stories.


Yes, truth to be told, Vans are not the oldest fashion brand on our list. Yet, they are among the most successful and well-known brands in the world to this day. Vans started their journey back in 1966 in California. Rather soon, they were all over the US. People were talking about them. People were wearing them. People couldn’t get enough of them.

Vans became the symbol of the generation. They rose in popularity with the rise of skateboarding in the 1970s. The history of skateboarding, for that matter, deserves a paper on its own. If you are interested, you can easily place an order online at any reliable essay writing site. Anyway, ever since the 1970s, Vans have been representing all the rebels and skateboarders worldwide. This alone had earned Vans the place on this list.

Johnston & Murphy

Do you know the company which makes shoes for all US presidents? Well, now you do. It’s Johnston & Murphy. The company has been on the market since 1850. Right around that time, they designed and made shoes for William Filmore; since then, ordering custom-made shoes from Johnston & Murphy has become a presidential tradition.

Sure it’s safe to say that this retailer found its niche quite well. If you want to learn more about who was wearing Johnston & Murphy shoes after Filmore, you can complete an essay on politics and fashion. 


Yes, it is another shoe company. And yes, it’s Converse. Of course, it’s them! How could we miss out on this huge shoe brand? Converse has been around since 1908, and it is still going strong. What does it tell you? It means Converse had survived World War 1, Great Depression, World War 2, recession, and so much, including numerous changes in Americans’ fashion and lifestyle.

Frankly, you can study the history of America by learning more about Converse rather than asking professionals things like, “I want to pay to do my homework. Will you help me?”

What’s more, the company has gone through all that turbulence with minimum changes in its style. Such a fashion brand story is so rare and unique that we still can’t wrap our heads around it. These days, everyone worldwide can easily recognize the All Star sign on the side of a Converse shoe.

Levi Strauss & Co

Another highly recognizable company on our list, Levi, is among the oldest fashion brands in America. Levi Strauss came to life in 1853. It was the time of the Gold Rush and hard work in wild American lands. Levi wanted to create durable clothes for the workers in San Francisco.

This is how the first jeans were invented. The clothes made of denim were tough, flexible, and highly popular. Needless to say, almost two centuries later, we are all very grateful for the invention of jeans and for the long history of Levi’s company.


If you are a fan of the Golden years of Hollywood, you can appreciate Lee jeans’ role in that era. So many world-class celebrities preferred Lee denim over any other jean clothes. They were stylish, popular, and very practical. Why wouldn’t they be?

Lee jeans were originally created as clothes for working-class Americans. Thick overalls, which were made in one piece, denim jackets or jeans were clothes of choice for many Americans. In the 1950s, the popularity of Lee denim was so high that even celebrities were prone to wear them during their nights out or in everyday life.

What’s interesting, Lee was originally a company for grocery distribution that opened in 1889. However, in 1912 Lee switched to denim, which turned the company into a success story.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein seems like recent history to many. However, the brand has been on the market for almost half a decade now. It is hard to ignore this successful company when talking about the oldest American brands. Of course, recently, Calvin Klein has been struggling to grasp the current fashion and social trends.

However, it is still one of the oldest American fashion houses known worldwide. From loungewear to denim, Calvin Klein can impress even the most demanding fashion icons.


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