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Emerging London artist Naciya has released her new single titled “Your Loss”. The artist has always been in a musical space since her childhood. Indeed she has quite a bunch of famous music names as inspiration, including Nicky Minaj, Party Next Door, Teyana Taylor and Buju Banton.


With her new track “Your Loss”, she wants to create a deep connection with her listeners and new fans, and the lyrics are made to this goal and it is quite a success. By creating this type of R&B music, Naciya has jumped out of the box of the more common music we are used to hearing. Thanks to her young age, she is bringing her fresh vision of R&B to make the difference in the scene.


Speaking about her new single and music, Naciya says, “I am really excited about my debut single, I really want my music to be able to connect me and my new fans, we’ve all been through things. I love writing and recording music that people scream about saying ‘this is me’ or ‘I can relate to this’.


My music needs to make YOU feel good, I make music because it’s how it’s like putting my emotions onto a blank Canvas, then they become art, and I realize feeling something, anything at all makes us human and is the beauty of life“.


Her new single was released on January 26 and it is quite promising, listen to it below:




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