Carey Mulligan To Star In Romantic Drama ‘Fingernails’ | Film News


Fresh off her incredible turn in Promising Young Woman, Carey Mulligan has signed on to star in romantic drama Fingernails, which boasts Cate Blanchett as a producer.


It will mark the first English-language film for Greek director Christo Nikou, whose most recent film Apples has been selected as Greece’s submission for Best International Feature at the Oscars.


Mulligan will star as a woman who increasingly suspects that her relationship with her longtime partner may not actually be authentic. To improve her situation, she secretly embarks on a new assignment working at a mysterious institute designed to incite and test the presence of romantic love in increasingly desperate couples.


Nikou is also co-writing the script alongside Apples co-writer Stavros Raptis, as well as British playwright Sam Steiner.


Blanchett and her Dirty Films partners Andrew Upton and Coco Francini will produce Fingernails after serving as executive producers on Apples, which reportedly left Mulligan impressed with Nikou’s filmmaking.


If you’re into film you’ve likely heard of the ‘Greek Weird Wave,’ which is a semi-recent trend of blackly funny but distinctly odd movies stemming from Greece. They include movies such as Dogtooth, Pity, and Attenberg.


Yorgos Lanthimos has somewhat brought the genre over to English-speaking audiences with films such as The Lobster and The Killing Of A Sacred Deer.


The synopsis here implies something tonally similar. In fact the whole thing sounds quite similar to the basic plot of The Lobster, which isn’t a bad thing by any means as that was one of the most acclaimed films of its year.


Fingernails explores the modern experience of falling in love at a time when – though it seems more accessible than ever – romance has become so uncertain, complicated, and elusive”, Nikou told Deadline.


“We created the role of Anna with Carey Mulligan in mind and are thrilled that she said ‘yes’ immediately. Carey is such a talented and magnetic actress, and I was blown away by her performance in Promising Young Woman, he added.


This should be another great role for Mulligan to immerse herself into as she waits to see if she’ll win her first Oscar for Promising Young Woman.


That she’ll be nominated is not even a debate. But she actually has another movie out this weekend, starring alongside Ralph Fiennes in the Netflix film The Dig. She’s also on board to appear in Bradley Cooper‘s Leonard Bernstein biopic Maestro.



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