UK R&B Artist Naciya Returns With New Single ‘So Good’

It’s no surprise to say that Naciya‘s new single, “So Good”, released on March 10, is … well, so good. Both captivating and lyrically impressive, it is pure R&B.

This single was written by Naciya in its entirety, and it shows very well, her writing ability and her deep art. She captivates the listener and makes them sing along because they can relate to her. The singer-songwriter says about the track, “‘So Good’ was inspired by the idea of staying in toxic relationships because of that 1 good thing in a sea of 99 problems“.

With her songs, especially “So Good”, which we advise you to listen to as soon as possible, Naciya brings a nostalgic sound with a new twist. The soulfulness of this track combined with the vocal range make this single a must listen, and not just for R&B fans, but for music fans in general. Naciya is not an artist you want to miss.

Naciya is a UK born singer-songwriter, who arrived in the musical scene in early 2021. She has developed her career in a self-taught way, working on her branding and marketing with rigour. She has also contacted numerous radio stations, venues for live performances and spotify playlists to build her audience.

Since her debut single Your Loss in January 2021, Naciya has released three singles, an EP and two music videos, all independently created and financed within a nine month period. Her hard work and consistency has seen her career grow very quickly and she has gained recognition in the UK and the US, her biggest supporters.

The singer has also been spotted performing stellar live shows across the country. At her last show in 2021 at the Moustache Bar, organised by Underground Sound events, the event representative said after the show that Naciya’s set “was like a return to the golden age of R&B“.

Listen to “So Good” below :


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