Emil Evans Will Make You Groove With His New Song ‘Caramel’

On 25th February, Emil Evans released his new single “Caramel”, a soulful groove with a sound that nods to the past but still feels contemporary.

Layered with jazzy brass stabs and a buttery falsetto, Emil explores the sugar-rush sensation when meeting his lover in the heart of London after working a mundane 9-5. A song that not only has a catchy chorus but a funky beat that melts in the ears and leaves you tapping your feet.

The South-London born 23-year old, grew up listening to an eclectic mix, from seventies soul and reggae records his dad would play, to the sunny Latin-American and Bossa-nova music played by his mother.

It wasn’t until the age of 16, after hearing these classic samples used in Hip-hop and modern Jazz records, he picked up the guitar and began to carve his own sound.

Influenced by great soul legends like Gil Scott-Heron and Roy Ayers, Emil’s song-writing is lyric and melody driven, layered with snapshots of memories, characters both real and fictional, to colourful metaphors revolving around issues in the world today.

Identified by his gravelly voice and smooth falsetto, young soul singer Emil Evans creates a sound that is not just a nod to the past but authentic and contemporary, and this song, “Caramel”, is evidence of that.

Listen to “Caramel” here:


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