Lindsay Lohan To Star In Two More Netflix Movies After Creative Partnership

Netflix has announced that it’s expanding its relationship with Lindsay Lohan. The actress signed on to star in a Christmas movie for the streamer last May, and obviously Netflix are happy with the results thus far, as they’ve expanded the collaborative partnership to include two additional movies.

Lohan became a teen idol in the early 2000s thanks to roles in films like Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. But legal and personal problems led to her career frequently getting interrupted, and she took a hiatus from acting in 2013.

She had a supporting role in short-lived UK comedy Sick Note, and appeared in 2019’s low budget horror Among The Shadows, but this year’s Netflix film – titled Falling For Christmas – will be her big return to the screen.

In that film, she plays a spoiled heir who suffers a skiing accident and forgets all about her past life. Coming to her rescue after her amnesia episode is the handsome blue-collar lodge owner, who nurses Lohan back to health with the help of his daughter. Janeen Damian is directing from a screenplay she wrote alongside Michael Damian, Jeff Bonnett, and Ron Oliver.

Netflix’s Director of Independent Film Christina Rogers said in a statement that the streamer is “so happy with our collaboration with Lindsay to date” and are “thrilled” to continue their partnership with her.

Netflix has already had huge success with their holiday movies. Vanessa Hudgens‘ career has been reinvented by starring in three The Princess Switch movies, and the streamer has successfully followed the Hallmark model of churning out as many cheesy but feel-good festive movies as they can around the holidays, knowing that viewers will consume anything Christmassy during that time.

Hopefully Falling For Christmas, and the films to follow, can spark a similar revival in Lohan’s career. Hollywood loves a good comeback story, and Lohan’s would be welcomed with open arms by fans who grew up watching her.

There’s currently no specific release date for Falling For Christmas, but you can guess approximately when it’s going to arrive.


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