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Indie multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter EMM has just released her latest single “Boys Like You”.


EMM is now based in LA and she is one of the few female artists that writes, produces and performs music all on her own. “I am deeply passionate about empowering women to take on roles that men traditionally take on in the business”, the artist said.


“Boys Like You” is about not changing yourself when pressured by other people to do so. EMM’s strong and meaningful lyrics aim to spur girls to “stay married to their grind” and “buy themselves a ring”, rather than following the old-fashioned woman’s life society might want them to fill in since girls “should be able to do EVERYTHING they want to do”.


EMM’s new track does not only carry a powerful message for young girls but it has also a captivating engaging pop rhythm and electro beats that give you the right energy to stand up and crack your fingers with her.


EMM released her first mixtape EMERALD in September 2019 and she is now dropping brand new songs every Friday until February, 7, when her last mixtape RUBY is going to be out. She definitely has a promising and bright career in her very own hands.


Listen to it here:




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