Emma Roberts Won’t Be Appearing On ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ | TV News



One of the charms of American Horror Story is that Ryan Murphy tends to bring back a lot of the same actors every season. It’s like reuniting with old friends for a new – albeit a scary, dark and twisted – adventure every year. There have been plenty rumours rotating on the web regarding Emma Roberts potential role in the ongoing American Horror Story: Hotel. Many saying that she indeed will make an appearance towards the end of the season.


But now Roberts has finally spoken out, in an interview with Yahoo, she revealed that she won’t be returning for Hotel due to a scheduling conflict. Roberts had previously spoken about the possibility of appearing on Hotel after production on Scream Queens wrapped. That was sadly never to be.


“I’m sad about it. We tried to make it work, but I’m leaving town to go do a movie and they’re shooting the last two episodes right now, so Ryan and I said next season we’ll do something amazing and devilish. I love this season, I watch most of it with my eyes closed, but I think I get the gist. I love Lady Gaga so much, so I was like, “Next season I want to work with Lady Gaga for sure”.


Even if this is slightly disappointing news (I personally enjoy Robert’s presence on the show), I’m glad to hear that she will be returning for the upcoming season. Let’s just hope that Lady Gaga is game, Murphy has extended an invitation to her but she has yet to confirm a possible return.



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