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Who told you spoken word poetry needs to be conventional? Who told you there are ANY rules?


Emmanuel Speaks is a performance poet, from East London – as seen on Channel 4, Huffington Post, GRM Daily, Sofar Sounds and more; recently collaborating with New Look for their Christmas and Spring/Summer advertising campaigns. Claiming to “influence and tell the stories of a generation”, he is an individual who has gone through a transition in his life from studying full-time at university to now becoming full-time invested in music.


Today, Emmanuel releases the first official single from his upcoming album The Composer titles “Who Told You?” and features one of the hottest rappers out of West London and the UK, TE Dness. Spoken Word is often very formulaic and Emmanuel seeks to change the dynamics of the art form, fusing it with music; potent 808’s and purposefully sinister overtones, maintaining the eloquence and passion.


I wrote ‘Who Told You‘ at a point in my life where I was just angry. Vexed because I felt underestimated. Underappreciated, in more ways than one. I soon realised I had nobody to blame but myself, so cue, the rebirth.


I knew I was talented but I have so much more to give, so much unlocked potential and the ability to completely shift a culture by both putting more of my life into my art, exploring my curiosities through it, and marrying them with the experiences of loved ones to learn and grow.”



‘Who Told You?’ is now available to buy/listen on all major streaming platforms by clicking here.




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