‘Escape Room 2’ Release Date Moved Forward To July 2021 | Film News


The horror thriller Escape Room is having its sequel come out earlier than it was expected. Originally planned for release in 2020, the movie took more time than expected to produce, perhaps due to the global pandemic, and was pushed to January 2022. It is now reportedly being released this July, instead of January 2022.


The first Escape Room movie follows six strangers who are brought together to participate in an escape room game. At first, it looks like a simple and fun game, but the contestants soon learn that, they are themselves, pawns in a puzzle that could lead to death.


The strangers who then depend on each other, have to solve clues and riddles to move from one horrifying scenario to the next. Through the movie, we discover that the characters have to eventually have to expose their deepest, darkest secrets to survive.


Regards the plot details for Escape Room 2, they still have not been revealed but we can guess that we will surely get a similar premise as the first movie. Both the film director Adam Robitel and producer Neal H. Moritz have returned for the second instalment.


As for the cast, Taylor Russell returns as Zoye Davis, so does Logan Miller. Joining them are Indya Moore, Holland Roden, Isabelle Fuhrman, Carlito Olivero, Thomas Cocquerel and James Frain.


We do not have an official trailer, but as the date has been moved to this Summer, we should get a new trailer for the movie soon enough.



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