Jenna Coleman To Star In WWII TV Drama ‘The War Rooms’ | TV News


Actress Jenna Coleman, recently seen in the Netflix series The Serpent, will star in the series The War Rooms, which she is co-producing alongside Simon Mirren and David Chidlow.


The War Rooms will tell the story of the women who worked in Winston Churchill‘s secret bunker during the Second World War.


A true story then, that of Joan Bright – played by Jenna Coleman – who started the war as a secretary and ended it organising the allied conferences. Her husband was Ian Flemming and the story goes that she was the inspiration behind the famous Miss Moneypenny.


The War Rooms is created by David Chidlow and produced by Oscar and BAFTA winner David Parfitt, producer of The Father, whose lead actor Anthony Hopkins just won an Oscar for ‘Best Actor’.


“Our intention is to build a series that takes a truly fresh view on a significant part of our collective history. A show that isn’t polite or reverential, but raw, confronting and offers fresh experiences, perspectives, narratives and faces.


Ones that speak directly to our current, turbulent times and, critically, to an audience thirsty for tales of hope that help frame and make sense of today and tomorrow”, said Parfitt and Jamie Carmichael about the series.


Each season of the series will cover between 12 and 18 months of the war, from the shock of the outbreak to the victory and the continuation of the fighting. At the moment there is no specific release date for this project.



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