Ethan Hawke To Star In ‘The Whites’ Limited Series For Showtime

Ethan Hawke has signed on to star in a new limited series titled The Whites for Showtime, based on the novel of the same name by Richard Price. Hawke will also executive produce the series alongside Ryan Hawke under his Under The Influence banner.

The show’s title comes from the idea that detectives all have a “white whale,” a murderer who in one way or another ended up walking free. Hawke will star as Billy Graves, a once-rising star in the NYPD Homicide department who is now working the night shift.

Graves gets pulled back into the homicide game when a seemingly simple case ends up involving his white whale and threatens to bring his whole life crashing down. Tony-winning writer Jez Butterworth will pen the series and also executive produce alongside Rian Johnson.

Hawke has plenty of experience playing these kinds of roles, going back to his first Oscar nomination for Training Day in 2001. He also played a similar cop role in 2009’s Brooklyn Finest.

Hawke was seen in Disney+ series Moon Knight earlier this year, and can currently be seen in cinemas in Scott Derrickson‘s horror movie The Black Phone. He also has Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, comedy-drama Raymond And Ray, and Tonight At Noon lined up.

There’s no word yet on when The Whites will premiere. We’ll wait and see if this is a typical U.S. cop drama or something that tries to wrestle with and subvert the usual tropes of the genre. Hawke’s presence in the show suggests it might be the latter, as he’s always chased interesting and challenging roles throughout his career.


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