Exclusive Sneak Peek Of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6B Revealed | TV Trailer



The girls are all grown up in this sneak peak, as we see all of the pretty liars living their busy (and separate) lives five years into the future. Whilst we see that all five of them have gone on to their futures without each other, it is, once again, Allison who brings them back together. The sneak peak reveals Spencer Hastings to be involved with White House dealings (are you honestly surprised?), and Allison to be a teacher at the same High School our main characters attended. The destinations of the other characters are also shown in this clip, as they all read the letters that may, eventually, reunite them all in the place where all the horrors of their past took place.


Pretty Little Liars has already been confirmed for its seventh season, although there is talk of it being the last. If you’re itching to catch up with every single twist and surprise of the past seasons then you’ll be glad to know that it is available to watch on Netflix for the UK. Part 2 of Season 6 will be airing from January in the US, but in the time, here’s that oh so juicy sneak peak!




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