Hugh Jackman Would Like To Star In Steve Irwin Biopic | Film News



When speaking to Yahoo, Hugh Jackman gave a rather promising thumbs up to the prospect of playing the Crocodile Hunter in a biopic. The star revealed that he and Steve Irwin had a close friendship behind the camera, and that if it came to playing him in a movie, he would definitely consider it. “I knew Steve, and Steve was an amazing, amazing man”, the Pan star said.


Well, Jackman’s already got the approval of Steve’s daughter, Bindy Irwin, who has said that he shares many qualities with her late father. She also paid a tear jerking tribute to her Dad on Dancing with the Stars, which earned her the first 10 of the season.


As for Jackman, his new film Pan is not getting the best reviews after its release, with one critic even giving it zero stars. If you would like to judge for yourself, however, Pan will be hitting UK Cinemas on October 16. Here’s hoping his next project does much better.



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