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I have been sitting on the idea to go travelling for quite a while now. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to pick up my bags and set off to some unknown land. I have even contemplated getting my friends involved. Haha, very funny. I can hear you mocking me, what “friends” can a fat 22-year old writer have. Well, we’ll just have to imagine them for now until they exist.


Anyway, picture setting yourself up to go away. What comes to mind? Asia? America? Africa? To me I have always had Burma set firmly in my head. So now that I have a goal, what next. Ah yes. The uncool kid your mums mate brings to the party so he doesn’t feel left out. That thing nobody wants, but hey, you’re stuck with it. Crippling debt.


Now as a recent graduate, I have got a lot of this and surprisingly, for my troubles, not a large amount of transferable life skills. Oh well, thanks University. You were a blast. So for the near future I have very little option but to get a soul crushing job and settle.


Then a couple of weeks ago I realised something while out on a job. Travel isn’t just about the wider world, but its all those beautiful places in between that show you your home has something special to offer. The world close to you is just as much a marvel as the places you’ve never seen before. It is just because we are so accustomed to seeing it, we take it for granted as a part of some faded scenery.


But when the snow fell on the day of these pictures it acted like a blanket, lifting all the dismal grey into beautiful white wonderland. It was that moment when I walked through the forest and snapped those pictures that I vowed to myself, “I will make it away from this country to see what else this world has in store” and for now, while I have no money, I will continue to look for the beauty in the world close to home.







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