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Extinction Rebellion strikes back this morning! The climate change activist have glued themselves to the entrance of the London Fashion Week official venue on the Strand. The five protesters were wearing white dresses covered of fake blood.


Another group of activist were lying on the ground in pools of fake blood creating a bloody red carpet, with one of them reading a poem, which read:


The fashion industry is killing our planet.Every year, every month, every week, you abuse this Earth. You produce clothes for profit and pleasure, not for need.You choose profit over planet, profit over people, profit over our future. The fashion industry tugs at our heartstrings, it begs us to come into shops, feel its fabrics, don beautiful dresses, trendy tops, season’s hottest handbags”.


On their website, Extinction Rebellion also published a post describing theses actions as “having highlighted the blood on the hands of the industry due to its environmental record will lead life on earth towards extinction”.


Indeed, this marked the start of five days of actions planned by the activist group. Last month the group declared it was going to ‘shut down’ London Fashion Week in an attempt to raise awareness about the environmental damage caused by fashion industry.


Another action is in preparation for tomorrow. At Hammersmith’s Lyric Square, activist will engage the public to make them aware of the fashion industry’s impact on the environment.


All of this followed a letter sent to British Fashion Council boss Caroline Rush in July in which Extinction Rebellion urged her to cancel the fashion event. But Rush refused even if she said “We are facing a climate change emergency and all need to act”.


Visit EX’s website here for more information.



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