Fekky – Stop It | Music Video

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Fekky – Stop It | Music Video



Big Fekky‘s back with a bang and delivers a brand new hot mixtape entitled Brandy & Coke, and is one not to miss. As always, Mr ‘BU BU BANG’ delivers his bars and flows in the most in-your-face manner possible, which has almost become his trademark style.


As Fekky‘s Brandy & Coke stays on heavy rotation, the South London rapper keeps the visuals rolling, this time by the way of “Stop It“. The video to the track was shot in Paris just two days before the terror attacks unfolded last month in November, and is dedicated to the victims and their families of the tragic events that took place.


Given the track’s reflective tone, mixed with footage from some of Fekky‘s 2015 highlights and an appearance from Skepta, this is a powerful watch to say the least.


This is all, of course, building up to his eagerly anticipated debut album, El Classico, which still hasn’t got a confirmed date as of yet but in the meantime, Brandy & Coke should keep the juices flowing for a little while longer. Watch the video to “Stop it” below.




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