First ‘Logan’ Trailer Hints At Emotional Send-Off For Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine | Film Trailer


After a series of monochrome Instagram posts by director James Mangold and the wolf himself, Marvel has released the first trailer for Hugh Jackman’s Logan. The movie will mark the actor’s last outing as the infamous mutant and the new footage promises to deliver a proper finale.


Set to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”, the trailer sees Logan (Hugh Jackman) age in a timeline, described as ‘beyond X-men: Days Of Future Past‘. As the world is rid of its superpowered population, Professor X (Patrick Stewart) asks him to help save a talented young girl (Sienna Novikov) from the clutches of a ruthless corporation.


Judging from the trailer we can expect a movie, which looks to set itself apart from the X-Men universe but at the same time may have elements to link it to the rest of the movies in this universe. The rumour mill is running wild at the moment, we will need to wait for a little while to see the final product, as Logan will debut on Friday, March 3 in the UK. We heartily recommend checking the first trailer below:




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