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‘The Walking Dead’ Season Premiere Finally Reveals Its Fallen Hero | TV News





As we all know, the previous season of The Walking Dead ends with a massive cliffhanger. Shaking the entire fandom, viewers were left with a shocking death that was signified by a bloody screen and the sound of someone’s skull being crushed. From then on many have made theories and suggestions regarding who it might’ve been, with one such popular theory being Glenn, who meets his end the same way in the graphic novel.


But after a few long months anxious waiting, we finally find out who meets Lucille head first…




The episode actually begins with a scene that had previously been shown as a sneak peek for the current season, which depicts the aftermath of the character’s execution. The show’s writers clearly put a lot of thought in adding a lot more tension, as it abruptly begins its opening credits, which omit many of the names of the primary cast.


The story itself pays tribute to its characters in order to further allude the audience, providing a series of ‘flashbacks’ courtesy of Rick.


But sadly this isn’t the case, as it didn’t actually end there. Playing with the sense of ease that many viewers might have had, another meets his end through Lucille




Staying true to the graphic novel, the character dies in a very similar fashion, muttering Maggie’s name one last time. This will surely not only change the dynamic of Rick’s group and how they would cope, but ultimately how Rick himself will face off against Negan. Fans of the show will surely feel grief over the loss of a favourite, but feel a sense of relief seeing as Daryl has once again dodged a bullet.


One other key thing to note is Jefferey Dean Morgan’s depiction of the villainous psychopath, who has more or less successfully attained the status of “the character you hate to love” following this event.



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