First Look At The Anticipated ‘Paquita Salas’ Season 2 | TV Trailer


After gaining popularity worldwide, Netflix have released the first teaser trailer and the date of the second season of Spanish webseries Paquita Salas.


Directed by “Los Javis“, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, the comedy web series was released initially on Flooxer, a media platform of Atresmedia. The series was very successful from its premiere and the web series was further aired on Neox, another channel of Atresmedia. In 2017, Netflix bought the rights of the web series and made it exclusive to their platform.


Netflix have released a couple of teasers on Youtube of the main character, Paquita Salas in a host of different situations like going to Netflix’s Los Angeles studios. Netflix have confirmed that the second season will be airing on June 29 and will be produced by Apache Film.


The fictional series revolves around one of Spain’s best talent agents in the 90s, PS Management. She finds herself searching desperately for new stars after suddenly losing her biggest client.


Watch the teaser below:




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