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British designer Daniel W. Fletcher is releasing his new Spring/Summer 2019 Collection and breaking the normative gender rules in the process. Fletcher debuted his new collection at London Fashion Week: Men’s. The new collection titled ‘In Search Of Sunrise‘ has many references about the office days and the time that’s spent in between work days.


In terms of the tailoring, many pieces defy conformism including inside-out pockets and cropped hems. Elements of traditional manhood are twisted, with the feminine corsets as a vest in denim jackets, trench coats and contrast-stitch jeans.


It’s a collaboration with Caitlin Keogh, who provides paintings speaking on human body, recreating images of torsos bound tightly with ropes. It’s a double metaphor about the problems, stress and the love to be submissive in the business world, mixing with the BDSM world.


If you want know more about the collection, visit his website.


Have a look at some of the collection below:










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