First Trailer For ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Arrives | Film Trailer


Warner Bros. has released the trailer for the highly anticipated Wonder Woman 1984. The film brings back Gal Gadot as the titular hero, now transported to the 1980s after the first film was set amidst World War I.


Patty Jenkins is back to direct, and as the trailer below confirms, this sequel is a neon-lit colour blast, a nice aesthetic change from the more earthy browns and greens of the first film. Expect the high-octane action and feminist themes to return, only this time with plenty of 80s references.



The trailer is great, but it’s questionable whether revealing the return of Chris Pine here, rather than saving it for maximum emotional impact in the actual film, is a good idea. Spoilers, but Pine’s Steve Trevor perished in the first film, so it’s unclear how he’s back – and still the same age – here.


Obviously Pine is a star so the film wants his face on the marketing, but it seems unlikely that people who weren’t already going to see Wonder Woman 1984 will suddenly change their minds simply because of his presence. Trailers have routinely given away plot points and twists in recent years, but this feels like a misstep.


This sequel looks like immense fun though. Joining Gadot and Pine are Kristen Wiig and The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal. Now no longer tied to the shackles of helming an origin story, it looks like Jenkins has created a vibrant, action-packed world far removed from the previously dour, uber-serious output of the DCEU.


Wonder Woman 1984 hits cinemas June 5, 2020.



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