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Rules. is the solo project of Parker Hall and his band. Music has always been a relevant part of his life. He cultivated his passsion by studying jazz drums at Oberlin Conservatory with Billy Hart, but then he returned back home where he began working in a bank, by dividing himsef between his daily job and his musical career.


Soon Parker realized that he was not dedicating enough time to his first passion, so decided to quit the bank in order to shape his own musical career, by writing his own music. Last time he wrote his own music he was in college, so he took a break with his band to producing something new with them.


During breaks between life and work, he refuged himself into his musical production, where his work would have aquire a decisive direction. At the end of which he released with his band Nights and Weekends, their first EP, completely recorded in his basement studio.


The leading single of the EP is “Anyhow” and, as Parker revealed, “It’s about growing up“. A dreamy atmosphere invests you right at the beginning of the sound. Then the vocals join the instrumental flow singing a peaceful melody that transports you into Beach Boys vibes. It makes you travel even further and beyond through the psychedelic pop sounds created by the guitars and the drums which run under the voice of the singer.


A beautiful indie rock melody which makes his full EP worth listening.


Listen to the song below:




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