Five Of The Boys & Coach Still Trapped In Tham Lang Cave | Politics


It was a normal soccer training, that ended up with a very bad storm. In the North of Thailand, 17 days ago, a group of 12 young players and their coach found shelter in a cave, and today still 5 of them haven’t seen the sunlight yet.


On July 2, nine days after the disappearance of the group, who left only shoes and bicycles out of the Tham Luang cave, a unit of Royal Thai Navy SEAL found the group 3 km from the entrance of the cave. The water level was (and is) growing and the rain doesn’t seem to stop, but all of them were alive.


Aged between 11 and 15 years old while the coach is 25, the Wild Boars soccer team have survived until now, waiting for the challenging rescue mission that will probably and hopefully finish tomorrow. The underground stream is pushing water into the cave, making everything much more difficult.


Today, four more boys had been saved, and immediately taken by helicopter and ambulance to hospital in Chiang Ra; the last four and the coach have to bite the bullet one more night.


It is an incredible story, as in the beginning there were really poor chances to find the group in the cave, and some experts predicted that the complete rescue could have lasted months. But day by day, good news is coming in from Bangkok.


The mission has been a huge operation, supported by a cast of hundreds and that unfortunately costed the life of one of the rescuers, Officer Saman Gunan, who died after losing consciousness in one of the passageways. His last video shows him happy and ready to save the life of those boys. Rest in peace now.



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